Mia Torres started out Modeling (doing sporadic paid work), Radio Commercials in (Sacramento, Fresno, Miami and London), and Co-hosting local nightlife webisodes for Blare Media, in Fresno, Ca. Having done that a few years, she went on to Host the show Like It Or Lump It. After hosting Like it or Lump it for more than 4 years, Mia left the show to pursue another show called Festival Finds, which will stream on YouTube, BlackflagTV and NutralTV. You can still catch past episodes from Like It or Lump It on BlackflagTV and YouTube. She continues to Host her travel show Festival Finds. She is working on publishing her first Romantic book series, as well as writing monthly Food, Wine & Travel articles for various magazines, such as VRAI Magazine, Boxy Magazine, Locale Magazine.

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